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Sevilla 1 – 3 MAN CITY – MY THOUGHTS

4 Nov

This was everything we had been waiting for. It was the type of commanding Champions League performance – full of intensity and purpose and control – that should be the norm for us, not just a pleasant surprise. It was thrilling to see. I’m sure many have spoken about Manuel Pellegrini’s tactics: his decision to [...]

Manchester United 0 – 0 MAN CITY – MY THOUGHTS

25 Oct

No goals, not many chances and not much excitement, yet, strangely, this was an absorbing affair. Sure, there wasn’t the free-flowing football or non-stop end-to-end action that we may have preferred to see, but this was a hard-fought, no-inch-given encounter for the purist. Many have called it boring. Others would use terms such as resilience [...]


27 Sep

Manchester City’s performance at White Hart Lane yesterday was embarrassing. What started off so well soon descended into humiliation. It was spineless and abject, and, leaving the ground, it was hard to remember that last time I had felt so let down when watching the Blues. This wasn’t just a defeat. This was a journey [...]


20 Sep

Often, it is all too easy to excuse a defeat or disappointing result by saying that these things happen and everything will be better next time. By avoiding genuine analysis in favour of tired clichés such as ‘it was one of those days’, mistakes can be overlooked and lessons to be learnt are ignored. Yet, [...]

Crystal Palace 0 – 1 MAN CITY – MY THOUGHTS

13 Sep

Five games in to the season, this was far too fledgling a moment to be called pivotal. What happens in the first handful of matches does not define the campaign. It may set the foundations, but no titles are won or lost based on events this early on. And yet, when Kelechi Iheanacho pounced in [...]

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