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5 January Signings to Breathe Life into Manchester City’s Title Challenge

10 Jan

This is a guest post from Matthew Harris. With Pep Guardiola’s billing within the English media akin to that of the second coming of Christ during the summer, Manchester City fans can be forgiven for thinking ‘is this it?’ as far as their team’s progress this season is concerned. Okay, so they have qualified for [...]

The Kansas City Chiefs – Lying in Wait

10 Jan

This is a guest post from Tony Samboras. With National Football League playoffs officially underway, most folks are looking at the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots as favorites to take down the conference championships and faceoff against one another in the Super Bowl. Before anyone anoints either of those teams as Super Bowls [...]

The Biggest Casino Cheats in History

7 Jan

This is a guest post from Jonathan Hawkins. Given the thousands of pounds that are lost daily in casinos, it’s hardly surprising a few sly individuals decide to manipulate the system in attempt to increase their odds of winning. Whether they used gadgets, insiders or simple maths, check out these casino masterminds who managed to [...]

Top 5 Strategies For Winning At Solitaire

6 Jan

This is a guest post from Jonathan Hawkins. Solitaire games, sometimes known as “Patience”, are a type of card game that typically involve dealing cards from a deck into a specific arrangement, which the player then attempts to reorder by suit and rank through a series of moves transferring cards from one place to another [...]

Online Casinos

6 Jan

This is a guest post from Peter Jonson. Online Casinos are the gambling hub of 21st century. Gamblers in the past used to play face to face with one another but the virtual machine has revolutionised the gambling game as the players can play in an unlimited amount of time, huge money they can invest [...]

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