The Growth of Online Gambling

4 Aug

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The Past

The online gambling industry was born in 1996 with the first online casino accepting the first real money wager. From this time there has been rapid growth in the online gambling industry. This growth was fuelled by the overwhelming response of the public to the convenience offered by online gambling sites.

The number of Top Australian Casinos – Top Aus Casinos grew rapidly and so did the number of online casino software developers. Most of these service providers and online casino operators offered their services to the American online gambling community. However, in 2006 online casinos where outlawed in the U.S.A resulting in a sharp decline in revenues and a near collapse of the industry.

The present

The online gambling industry is now stronger than the pre-UIGEA era. It is a lot more diverse and therefore more stable. The number of online casino games is continually growing with new versions of traditional table games being added annually. New slot titles are being added to top South African online casinos almost on a weekly basis.

Mobile games have also accelerated the growth of the industry. Online gambling being defined as remote gambling has been around since the turn of the century. The launch of Android and iOS powered devices just before the close of the first decade made online gambling more appealing and convenient. Now there are hundreds of mobile casinos and millions of people who are placing real money bets at these casinos.

The future

The future is never really certain but if there are no major shocks the online gambling industry is set to continue growing. Forecasts from different sources estimate that the industry is set to continue growing by about 3-5% annually. As Mobile devices continue to penetrate new regions and Internet speeds keep getting faster we can only expect the industry to continue growing.

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  1. Australian Betting Organization 09/10/2016 at 4:45 am #

    From what I understand the online gambling industry is supposed to grow even larger due to virtual reality. Just from virtual reality gambling the online betting industry is estimated to grow to around 1 trillion USD within the next 5 to 10 years. Those are some big numbers.

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