Top 5 Strategies For Winning At Solitaire

6 Jan

This is a guest post from Jonathan Hawkins. Solitaire games, sometimes known as “Patience”, are a type of card game that typically involve dealing cards from a deck into a specific arrangement, which the player then attempts to reorder by suit and rank through a series of moves transferring cards from one place to another [...]

Online Casinos

6 Jan

This is a guest post from Peter Jonson. Online Casinos are the gambling hub of 21st century. Gamblers in the past used to play face to face with one another but the virtual machine has revolutionised the gambling game as the players can play in an unlimited amount of time, huge money they can invest [...]

How to play online Bingo games?

23 Dec

This is a guest post. Unlucky for some 13! Two fat ladies 88! Top of the shop 90! Have you ever heard of these? Numbers on a square card remind you of a game? Indeed, this is how bingo games are played. Back in the days, many people used to gather in Bingo rooms to [...]

How to Find Legit Online Betting Sites

19 Dec

This is a guest post by Tony Samboras. Anywhere there is money to be made, the potential for rogue actors to get involved is high. Betting on sports has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Until the advent of the Internet, sports gamblers were always able to put a face with the person [...]

Online Bingo and Tips on How To Be Successful

8 Dec

This is a guest post from Peter Klark. In case you’re pondering joining an online bingo site, you’ve most likely got a couple questions. Like other online games, there is a chance you will win while playing online bingo, however it’s essential to recall that above all else, online bingo should be enjoyable. Wanting an [...]

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