Football and tennis betting tips

2 Aug

This is a guest post from Ari Pournaras.

If you enjoy a particular sport, it’s always good to be able to place a bet, as it adds another level of excitement to it. If you enjoy watching football and tennis, but you’ve never been confident enough to place a bet before, then you should rest assured that it is very easy – particularly when you do it online. However, there are some things that you should be aware of, and this page will give you some great tips to ensure that your football and tennis betting attempts are as successful as possible.

Study the form

If you know that there is a particular match that you would like to bet on coming up, then you will need to spend a little time studying the form of each side. If, for example, a team has been losing in recent weeks then – though they may still be higher in the league than their opposition – at this point in the season they may not be the best bet, betolimp offer great statistics, pre-match analysis and odds. In addition, you should read around the news about who you wish to place a bet on, as there are various things that should change your mind with regards to who you actually back. For example, if your favourite tennis player has been photographed walking with a limp recently, it is unlikely that they would be as strong as they would have been if they had been fully match fit – so you may want to be wary about placing a bet on them.

Try out other bets as well as winning and losing

There are lots of different things that you can bet on as well as whether a team or player is likely to win or lose. For example, in football you might bet on which team scores first, or who is awarded the first penalty. In tennis, you may bet on who wins the first set, or who is the first to challenge a decision. It can be fun to add a little more interest into each match, as you will therefore be watching out for more than just who is going to win the game at the end.

Bet small and sensibly

Although it’s everyone’s dream to place a bet and win big, it’s not likely – and for this reason you always need to be realistic when it comes to choosing how much money to bet, and on what outcome. For example, it isn’t the best of ideas to bet hundreds of pounds on an outcome that isn’t likely to happen – so it is better to bet amounts that you wouldn’t be too upset to lose. Don’t place all of your bets in one go, and consider using the option of cashing out – if you can do that where you bet – if it doesn’t look as though your bet is going to be a winner.

Ultimately, betting can be great fun, but only if you get it right. By using the tips above, you should find that you have a much better chance of winning, and therefore enjoying watching tennis and football even more.

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  1. Alphie_Izzett 02/08/2017 at 9:00 pm #

    More betting advice:

    1. Carefully consider the following:

    2. Buy the Racing Post

    3. Carefully study the form

    4. Select your winners for each race.

    5. Keep your money in your wallet and go to the Etihad not the bookie.

    6. If City are playing away from home go fishing.

    7. Do not go looking for a poor Bookie or a Rich Punter, niether exists in the real world.


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